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YouTube Already Rolling Out Dark Mode For iOS App

YouTube Already Rolling Out Dark Mode For iOS App
Apple iPhone and news forum member yesterday shared a report following the recent update on dark mode on YouTube latest iOS App update.
While the option is not yet available for all users, a Reddit user shared a screenshot of the dark mode option appearing just above the Restriction mode option in the iOS app settings and and some other viewers have noticed the appearance in the newly released YouTube iOS App update (13.0.1).
Dark mode Screenshot via Redditor OustedHoChiMinh

The Dark mode first appear on YouTube last year on the desktop version as part of its overall redesign and speedier framework. One other Reddit posted was reported to have gotten the option by force closing and reopening YouTube App but TechCrunch said they tested the method and didn’t work for them. 

The Dark mode is one feature I find very useful because it is easy on the eyes and allows users to focus more on content same way as the night light feature in windows 10 PC. Dark mode has long been requested by YouTube users and even some test has proven the Dark mode feature to safe battery.

Once the feature is rolled out to all users, you can activate this option by navigating to settings in the YouTube app and just above the Restriction mode option, you can toggle on and off Dark mode.


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